Dinner & a Show... & a Show... & a Show...

All dinner entrées include fried rice, clear mushroom soup, house salad, hibachi vegetables, appetizer shrimp and stir-fried noodles

Single Hibachi Dinners

Vegetable Dinner   13.99
Tofu Dinner   14.99
Chicken   14.99
Hibachi/Teriyaki Steak   18.99
Filet Mignon   22.99
Calamari   19.99
Shrimp   19.99
Salmon   19.99
Tilapia   18.99
Scallops   21.99

Combination Hibachi Dinners

Need more than just Steak or Chicken? Select from a variety of specially priced, two-item combination dinners such as Steak & Chicken, Chicken & Shrimp and Shrimp & Scallops. All priced under $23.

prices and selections are subject to change without notice